About My Practice

My work is focused on assisting people, individuals, couples and families, whose lives have been affected by addiction, to develop the skills and inner strength they need to recover and reclaim good lives. Facts on alcohol/drug abuse or other addictive behaviors, codependency and impact on family life are provided as appropriate.

Any areas causing stress, e.g. fear, anger, anxiety, depression, low self-esteem, damaged relationships are also an integral part of the therapy. Restoring health to relationships is critical to recovery. It is one of my strong points both with individuals and couples and I have extensive experience in this area.

I employ whatever interventions are appropriate to empower my clients to live and enjoy life on life’s terms without using mood altering chemicals or self defeating behaviors. These include cognitive behavioral, psychodynamic, family systems, interpersonal, psychodrama, 12-step and so on.



Som men see things as they are and say why?  I dream things that never were and say why not?                (R.F. Kennedy from G.B.Shaw)